Performance Plus® Hi Temp Lithium NLGI 1 Grease (1 Single, 120 lbs. Keg)

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Product Description

Performance Plus® Hi-Temp Lithium Grease was developed to protect the moving parts of over-the-road trucks while meeting or exceeding GC-LB standards for lubrication. Lithium Complex Hi-Temp Grease is ideal for use in heavy-duty Over-the-Road equipmentand light duty Off-Highway applications. Our Lithium Complex Hi-Temp Grease begins with quality base stocks that provide excellent performance over a wide range of temperatures. Our polymer package reduces oil separation and stays in application longer whileresisting water washout. A state-of-the-art extreme pressure additive package helps moving components withstand shock loading and prevents early wear. Base oils combined with a lithium complex provide a high temperature operating range with a dropping point of more than 500°F.


Product Details

NLGI Grade: 1
NLGI Specification: LB


Features and Benefits

Extremely high dropping point Performs at higher temperatures than competitors
Exceptional water resistance Protects against corrosion and reduces downtime
Extreme pressure formulation Reduces wear and extends service life
Superior corrosion resistance Extending component life
Enhanced adhesion properties Protects against contaminants

Approvals/Specifications Met

Performance Plus® Hi-Temp Lithium Greases are recommended for applications in the following industries:

Steel Industrial Energy Construction
Automotive Logging
On-Road Trucking
Refuse Off-Road Trucking
Paper Remanufacturing

Additionally, Performance Plus Hi-Temp Lithium Greases meet the latest stringent requirements of leading automobile manufacturers, they are suitable for the following OEMs (where applicable*):

Ford General Motors Lincoln Caterpillar Volvo Chevrolet
Dodge Honda Jeep Chrysler
Buick Eaton-Vickers Land Rover Jaguar
John Deere Mitsubishi Komatsu Terex
Hitachi Toyota Okuma Doosan Mitsubishi Mori Seiki

**Information regarding recommended maintenance and equipment operating conditions can be found by referencing Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) owner's manual and recommended lubricant grades.

Additional Configurations Available

Case of 10, 14 oz. Tubes

Technical Information
Product NamePerformance Plus® Hi Temp Lithium NLGI 1 Grease (1 Single, 120 lbs. Keg)
Product Code29MHL1X
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeKE55
Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
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